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Proper planning is the cornerstone of a successful construction project.

Not all contractors get involved before the design phase. We do.  Issues with soil, groundwater, local government regulations, special assessments, and other challenges can alter plans, delay construction, and increase costs. We know how to begin your project with a clean slate.

Sisler and Sisler coordinates and oversees pre-construction planning for our clients. Through careful planning prior to the start of construction, we provide a solid foundation for every step that follows. 

Addressing critical details during the pre-construction planning phase frequently results in fewer construction changes, a reduced construction timeline, and cost savings for the customer. At Sisler and Sisler, we manage our pre-construction program closely. Having weekly design meetings, setting milestones, and identifying critical path elements helps a project stays on schedule and on budget. 

Sisler offers the following services in advance of a construction contract:

  • Project Planning
  • Budget Validation
  • Design Development
  • Architectural and Engineering Services
  • Zoning Support and Building Permits
  • Subcontractor Trade Bidding
  • Construction Contract Preparation